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What happens in a session.


Before your first session I will e mail you a record card to print off and fill in and bring with you, if you can’t print it off then I can fill it in with you here during your first session. Once I’ve read this we start.

You keep all your clothes on and lie on the couch bed and I cover you with a blanket so you’re all tucked up, then I gently place my hands on different parts of your body. It is your system that guides where my hands go. Once in position, my hands are feeling for bone and tissue ‘symmetry,’ the ‘quality’ of your body including where there is muscle or fascial tightness as well as areas of emotional holding, and your cranial sacral rhythm identified by the osteopath Sutherland.

Sometimes people can go into what we call a fascial unwind, during which parts of their body such as their neck or arm or leg starts to twitch or move, but that’s just the fascia tissue releasing, and doesn’t usually happen on the first treatment.

After your session it is advised to rest and be kind to yourself, some people like to have a sleep, were as others can feel energised and have a greater sense of peace or well being and improved mental health, but how you feel during and after treatment isn’t always necessarily the same for each treatment as your system unwinds and crinkles out the old patterns of holding.

How many treatments you need depend on how long you’ve had the holding, longer patterns of holding from childhood or before or birth can take longer to resolve, how severe the trauma was or problem is, and where you are at in your own life. Some people’s problems resolve in a couple of session, but usually more is needed, especially if you have had the  problem many years, but that is something that I leave you to decide as it is your body and your system, so we go very much at your speed as you connect more into yourself to know what you want and  need.

Some people prefer to have it done distantly, so if physically getting here becomes a problem I can do it distantly. 

Each session costs £60 and lasts around an hour.

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